Charming Hotel in Toledo


A 9th century palace/house. right in the heart of the city, but with the characteristic warmth and welcoming silence of a convent, where you will be able to enjoy the freshness of its patio and a peaceful stay.

Palacio Rincón de la Catedral

Ancient palace located in the historic centre of Toledo, World Heritage City, right a few meters away from the Cathedral. Its most ancient dating known, stated by archaeologist qualified by the “Consorcio de la Ciudad de Toledo” is from the 9th century and it was the one of a half horseshoe arch.

From those times up to this age, the footprints of several different architectonic designs and social and cultural eras can be sought all-around the city; It is so that the house possesses a treasure in vestiges dating from the 9th and up to the 17th century. In 2004 the works to enable it as a family house began and they would not be finished until March 2009. It has been catalogued by Patrimony with value “P”, maximum rating for a private house.

According to Jean Passini, this house belonged to the prior Aruche in 1492. Curiously, according to B. Nahman on its list of families in Toledo that left the city after the Expelling Law in 1492, this was the second name of many of them, which points out it could be of Sefardi roots.

The bottom floor counts with a patio of Islamic origins, and possibly redesigned centuries afterwards by Alonso de Covarrubias. It has two stoned columns on which the first-floor gallery, rests with a carved inscription that reads “AÑO DE 1555”.

In the Patio we can see different interesting figures but among them we can highlight two horseshoe arches, one of which still conserves the original plaster. Today, it is a quiet and fresh space where to enjoy a tasty breakfast or a paused reading.

The first-floor rests around the patio and on it the rooms “Crisol de Culturas” and “Templo” can be found.

On the mezzanine is the room “Montes de Toledo” and the living room, with an Early Medieval alfarje (14th-15th century) where to rest after a day visiting the city.

In the basement floor we can find a cellar that dates of the 15th-16th century  with “Arcos de Fabrica” and an original curb-shaped brick floor.

In 2009 it was awarded the “Gonzalo Ruiz de Toledo” prize, which is handed by the “Real Academia de Bellas Artes y Ciencias Historicas de Toledo”, for its dedicated refurbishment.

The “Consorcio de la ciudad de Toledo” used the image of the house for the 6th International Congress of Museums and Patrimony that took place in Toledo in 2010. In 2011 it got a special mention for the Real Fundación de Toledo for the maintenance of the Patrimony and the special award for popular election of the Toledo’s patios contest.

Our house is a reflection of the city where it is built; it is a place where the legacy of the three different cultures that made this wonderful city the place it is now live together.

TOLEDO: The Three cultures city

Toledo is a city that constantly surprises you. After living in this place for many years, we everyday find new and different environments that make us fall even more in love with it; today it is a new space open to the public that tells us about the Arab occupation  ; tomorrow a corner or a small place recently discovered that enlightens us about the Visigoths times; yesterday a refurbished figure that gives even more value to itself and gives us more information about its era. Beauty is endless here.

If I had to bring up a route with three main points, that would say a lot about the three different cultures, this would be it:



I have heard some people at the door of our house say they would not step into the Cathedral due to its price; but it is similar to any ticket for the movies on its peak time. Do you know the wonders enclosed by this magnus building? You could not even imagine. From its wonderful altarpiece that tells us about Jesus’ life (and, therefore, part of the history of Christianity) going pass the sacristy, with the outstanding and superb painting of el Greco “El Expolio” and finishing in the room of the “Custodia de Arfe”, excels symbol of the adoration, it definitely is a temple that won’t let you down.

Synagoge of Transito

It is impossible not to get Goosebumps when beholding its plaster art. If in addition you are so lucky to be able to enjoy in its Great Praying Room a concert of Sefardi music, you will never forget it.
On the first-floor there is a permanent gallery that allows people who visit it to have a better understanding of the Sefardi culture.

Mosque of Bab Al-Mardum, today Church of “Cristo de la Luz”

It is as small as overwhelming the feelings you will get in there. If on top of that you get there though the Alfonso VI’s gate and they tell you about the tale about his horse when it walked past that Musk you will start to dream with all the story our legends tell.

But you should not stay in the classic routs, the different walks around the city, that are normally less busy will amaze you. The neighbourhood of “los cobertizos”, of solemn palaces and conventual walls shut closed to the world, linked among each other running through the streets to give way to one another will make you feel in a different era.  The “Arrabal”, with its beautiful clay, wood and cement mortar houses will take you back to the Middle-age tales; the area that holds the Santa Leocadia church will manage to show you a picture that you will surely not have thought you would have found in there. They are many those lattices in the city that everyone should get to know.


Toledo is a town visited by not too many people, if we take into account its magnificent cultural offering and heritage. Only 3 million visitors a year. Many people would think this is a very large quantity, but a good commercial park in our country receives between 7 and 10 times more. The thing is that touristic routes are so established and settled in a classic tour which absorbs this quantity of people and, therefore, it seems to be more people than they really are.

Our house is situated on this tour, but some metres away from it; so you can be in the middle of hustle and bustle and 15 steps aside you can go through the door and find calm.

Cathedral bells, blackbirds and swallows will awake you up and at the patio, while you are reading or resting, you only will hear them. Still, we are sure you will be in the mood to go out and sit down at the City Hall square. It is only a few meters from our house and there are four emblematic buildings: City Hall, Cathedral, Archbishop Palace and Province Audience, which when illuminated at night will be your inspiration. If You take a picture of the Cathedral tower reflection  from the fountain of Cristina Iglesias, your contacts in social networks will give you many likes.

And never mind, we will encourage you to go walking when the town sleeps so you will enjoy the silent streets as the Moonlight shines on their legends. Because everything will be really near and with a very close relation with “Casa Palacio Rincón de la Catedral”